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Anyone with a passing interest in the study of wine will have heard of the terms “New World” and “Old World” wine. But what’s the difference between the two? And which type is more suitable for beginners? Read on to find out!

“Old World” generally refers to wines produced in Europe, including countries such as France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and more. In other words, “New World” wines are produced outside of Europe, primarily in the Americas and Australia. This covers countries including the United States, Chile, New Zealand, and South Africa. As for why the distinction arose, let’s take a look at history for some answers.

Europe was where winemaking first originated, and its countries thus have a richer heritage of wine production techniques, larger-scale vineyards, and more established reputations when compared to their New World counterparts. If you want to savour more traditional wine varieties, then look no further than Old World wines.

Around the 16th century, when Europeans started settling in the Americas, wine production techniques were brought to regions outside of Europe. Over the course of several centuries, New World wines gradually evolved and came into an identity entirely of their own, with characteristics and styles distinctly different from that of the Old World.


◆ Are Old World or New World Wines More Suitable for Beginners? ◆


The simple answer is that it depends on personal preference. As everyone has different tastes and likes when it comes to wine, it is impossible to definitively say that one is better than the other. But as a general guideline, if you are a newcomer to the world of wine drinking or simply don’t want to splurge on a higher-priced wine, then New World wines are a good option.

New World wines are made with much fewer restrictions than Old World wines, allowing for great variety in style. In the same vein, New World wine producers often increase the sweetness and fruity flavour in their products to boost marketability and gain wider appeal. You’ll notice that New World wines tend to be easier on the palate, making for a more beginner-friendly option. Old World wines have a considerably lighter body, and higher tannin and acidity, which may come across as too bitter and astringent for beginners.

Finally, it’s worth noting that New World wines are usually more affordable and can be easily purchased at supermarkets or convenience stores. For beginners looking to train up their palate, New World wines will enable you to sample a wide variety of wines without breaking the bank.


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